Warranty terms & conditions

1. The Supplier grants the following warranty periods for products included in the catalogue:

  • 8 years for steel radiator paint coating in all RAL and Supplier’s special colours,
  • 8 years for water tightness of steel and cast iron radiators assembled in the Supplier’s factory,
  • 3 years for chrome layer,
  • 4 years for the Galvanic Brass finish and 2 years for Metal Alive and Burnish finishes of cast-iron radiators.

Heating elements for radiators and electric components in electric heaters:

  • 2 years.


  • 2 years for paint coating in all RAL and Supplier’s special colours,
  • 2 years for chrome layer.

Radiator and heating element accessories:

  • 2 years.

2. The warranty period is calculated from the moment of product purchase by the End User, with the following conditions:
for heating elements the warranty period is 2 years from the product purchase date but no longer than 3 years from the date of production;

  • for steel radiators the warranty period for paint coating and water tightness is 8 years, but not more than 9 years from the date of production;
  • for radiators with chrome layer the warranty period is 3 years, but not more than 4 years from the date of production;
  • for cast-iron radiators the warranty period for paint coating is 8 years, but not more than 9 years from the date of production and 8 years for water tightness of units assembled in the
  • Supplier’s factory but not more than 9 years from the date of production;
  • for handrails the warranty period is 2 years from the product purchase date, but not more than 3 years from the date of production.

3 . Any claims resulting from the warranty provided by the Supplier should be reported directly to the Supplier or through the Trading Partner by filling out the claim form and returning the product in question, or, by supplying supporting photographs (if disassembly of the item is not possible). In each case the product warranty card and evidence of purchase should be included with the return. The Supplier may reject the claim if any of the above is not supplied.

4 . Every claim is processed within 14 days of its receipt; it may be longer if a more detailed investigation is required. All claims are investigated based on the returned product or supporting photographs.

5 . Any costs related to the return of faulty items including the costs of disassembly/assembly of the product, transportation and labour costs etc. will be covered by the Trading  Partner i.e. the trader who sold the product directly to the End User. The possibility of cost sharing between the Trading Partner and the Supplier is agreed individually for each returned item. The Supplier covers the cost of a new product and its shipment to the Trading Partner.

6. Warranty claims can be forwarded to the Supplier by:

  • email,
  • fax,
  • via Claim Form on the Supplier’s website: www.termaheat.pl,
  • by post.

7. Warranty covers any product faults which are due to Supplier’s error discovered on delivery or while in use, with the exclusion of:

  • Damage in transit caused by the carrier or during unloading of goods (this applies to relations between the Supplier and the Trading Partner only). Please refer to point 4E for more information on complaints/claims on the grounds of damage in transit.
  • Damage in stock (any radiator accepted at the Trading Partner’s warehouse is considered free from any faults, excluding any hidden faults, discovered upon unpacking of goods when the packaging did not have any signs of damage).
  • Items stored outside or inside warehouse spaces with increased air humidity.
  • Filling a radiator with any other medium than those which are approved for a given type of product (i.e. with steam) or any medium containing any chemical substances that are damaging to radiator materials, i.e. steel, cast iron or aluminium.
  • Filling a radiator with a heating medium with a working pressure exceeding that which is specified by the Supplier in the user manual or product technical card; or increasing the working pressure inside the radiator with a heating element by closing all radiator valves in the central heating system; or by leaving an insufficient air cushion inside a standalone electric radiator.
  • The use of products with standard paint coating in areas with increased concentration of aggressive agents, such as sulphur, ammonia or chlorine compounds.
  • Use of steel radiators in open installations, with a permanent connection to water-supply systems and installations drained from the heating medium more often than required.
  • Use of electric radiators with the heating element exposed to splashes of water (with no consideration of IP protection class).
  • Incorrect (not in compliance with the manual) installation, use or disassembly.
  • Use of heating element in a way that differs from its intended use.
  • Modification of the product structure.

8. Warranty does not cover any faults or damages which occurred due to force majeure, meaning any future phenomena which are impossible to predict and prevent, such as weather circumstances, electric installation disturbances, wars, natural disasters.

9. A claim procedure which is in progress does not constitute the basis for suspension of payment for delivered goods.